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Alienbrain Support

"A word on Alienbrain's developer support: it's top-notch. Our queries via e-mail are typically resolved in only a few hours."
- Jeremy Gordon, President and CEO, Secret Level

How to contact Alienbrain support:

Older Versions

If you would like to download any older version of Alienbrain, please contact support at support@alienbrain.com.

Technical Information

Alienbrain Release Notes

User Forum

Alienbrain users from around the world exchange information and techniques on the Alienbrain User Forum. The forum is available only to customers with a valid maintenance contract: forum.alienbrain.com.

Alienbrain Wiki

The Alienbrain Wiki is a valuable online resource featuring an extensive FAQ, as well as information about Server Health Monitor codes: alienbrain.wiki.avid.com.

Ideas or Problems?

We continually enhance Alienbrain based on user feedback. Help us make the product better by letting us hear your thoughts and suggestions: support@alienbrain.com

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