Version Control for 3ds Max

Alienbrain Integration

Alienbrain Integration for Autodesk 3ds Max

The Alienbrain plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max puts all the benefits of version control directly inside the editor: automatically check files out when you start working on them; never accidentally overwrite somebody else's changes - or have them overwrite your work; stay updated with the latest texture assets; and create new versions automatically when you finish your work. All of this without needing to leave the 3dsMax environment.


Version Control for 3ds Max

What's more, Max files can be viewed inside Alienbrain - without even needing to have 3dsMax installed. The Alienbrain integration for Autodesk 3dsMax makes it easier and more secure for teams to work on their 3dsMax projects.


3dsMax Preview within Alienbrain

Integrated into Artist and Developer Creation Tools

Happy with the tools you're already using? Alienbrain includes plug-ins for leading 3D and 2D art tools so artists can use the great features of Alienbrain without leaving their favourite applications.

Using other tools? That's fine - Alienbrain works alongside any creation tool and with any file type. The integrations listed above simply take that to the next level.

Digital Asset Management for 3ds Max

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