Alienbrain 2022 Updates

Alienbrain 2022

What's new in Alienbrain 2022

Alienbrain integration for Unreal Engine 4.27

Unreal Engine 4.27 Integration

Version Control for Unreal

Alienbrain is now updated to the latest Unreal Editor 4.27 , allowing art teams to work in Unreal while benefitting from the version control of Alienbrain.

Alienbrain integration for Photoshop 2022

Photoshop 2022

Version Control for Photoshop

The Alienbrain integration for Adobe Photoshop has been updated to support Photoshop 2022.

Alienbrain integration for Maya 2022.1

Maya 2022.1

Version Control for Maya

Windows 11

Technical Update

As well as the artist integrations listed above, Alienbrain has been updated to support Windows 11.


Windows Server 2022

Technical Update

Alienbrain 2022 now officially supports Windows Server 2022.


Apache 2.4.52

Technical Update

Alienbrain 2022 has been updated to support Apache 2.4.52.

Version Control for Designers