Version Control for Art and Design

Alienbrain is a centralised version control system for art, design, and animation teams. The intuitive user interface allows artists to work visually, and integration with popular content creation tools provides seamless workflow.


Made for Graphics

Alienbrain was created for teams to work together (including remotely) on the massive digital art files required for game, film, design and simulation production. Designed especially for 2D and 3D artists, files are displayed as high-quality thumbnails and previews, so you can find the right asset at a glance.

Alienbrain Version Control Browser

The Alienbrain interface, with thumbnails and preview

Alienbrain provides a complete and detailed version history of all your digital assets. Coupling that with the Alienbrain preview capabilities, artists can compare files and easily rollback to earlier revisions. Previews are available for several hundred file formats, including those for the Unreal Engine and Adobe Illustrator, even if you don't have those tools installed.

Version Control for Illustrator

Visual comparison of Adobe Illustrator file versions

Alienbrain is a centralized version control system, with a master copy of all the project files stored on the Alienbrain server. This workflow enables locking files to a single user so that only one user can work on a file at a time. This is critical for digital art and design projects where the binary files (graphic assets, animation files or sound files) can not be differenced or merged easily like code files. The centralized workflow also allows users the pull only those files they need to work on (unlike a decentralized system) potentionally saving terabytes of space.

Integrated into Artist and Developer Creation Tools

Alienbrain includes plug-ins for leading 3D and 2D art tools so artists can use the great features of Alienbrain without leaving their favorite applications.

Using other tools? That's fine - Alienbrain works alongside any creation tool and with any file type. The integrations listed above simply take that to the next level.

Seamless Workflow

Artists can benefit from Alienbrain version control directly inside popular creation tools. Files are automatically checked out, checked in, and versions created, all without switching applications.

Version control for Unreal Engine

Integrated with leading creation tools - Unreal Engine Integration

Alienbrain Customers

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Alienbrain is a widely used version control solution for game development, animation, visual effects, architecture, automotive design, and manufacturing projects.

Its combination of visual workflows and integrations with popular creative tools make it the ideal solution for your next game, film, or design project.

Secure storage for digital art

Secure Storage
Never Lose a File

Alienbrain keeps a version history of all your project's assets so artists can be sure that they're always working on the correct version.

The result: everyone knows where important files are, and who is working on them. Files are never accidentally deleted or overwritten, and everything can be managed from a single, central location.

Version Control for Artists

Made for Art
Made for Artists

The intuitive user interfaces and unique workflows of Alienbrain are designed especially for artists.

Most version control systems are built to handle source code, and work best with lots of small text files. Alienbrain was designed from the ground up for large teams to work together on the massive digital art files required for next-generation productions.

Collaborative workflow for artists

Work as a Team
Work Smarter

Alienbrain is ideal for collaborative workflow, allowing team members to see when files are in use, who's using them, and when they've been updated.

Incorporating built-in image markup layers, a messaging and workflow system, and progress reporting, Alienbrain allow managers to assign tasks, review content, and approve changes - or not!

Version Control for Designers